Founder’s Letter: Please read the “founder’s letter” about what is needed to be a missionary pilot.

Policy: Please read the “policy” concerning involvement with MATA.

Reference Form: Forward or use the “reference form” link provided. Please have your people filling out your “Evaluation Reference” send this completed form to MATA.  Please be sure to first download the digital copy when the form is viewable on your browser, then close your browser and reopen using a .pdf reader program as this will ensure that the answers can by typed into the form and electronically sent. (i.e. Chrome has a download icon revealed in the upper right when hovering the mouse.) 

Application: Ensure to first download the “application”, enter your information, sign it and return by mail to: MATA at P.O. Box 3655 Arlington, WA 98223


Note:  If you are applying for a staff or volunteer position,  MATA requires that all of these exact forms be completed and delivered as instructed.  (The application fee is waived for non flight volunteers.)


How To Apply