Found Mike Crowell & LoriMATA was conceived to fill the need for short-term aviation training opportunities for those preparing for mission service, and for those already involved in ministry.
While several schools offer two- to five-year mission aviation training programs, MATA seeks to provide training structured to the specific training objectives and scheduling availability of individuals. This includes those who must work part-time or full-time while pursuing flight training, those who attended or plan to attend a specific Bible school or seminary which does not offer aviation training, those who already hold certain ratings and only need others, and even those already involved in ministry who must fit flight training into specific “time windows” such as during furlough from a foreign mission field.

In the fall of 1998, MATA incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the state of Washington. Initially using the resources of a local fixed-base operator at Arlington Municipal airport, it quickly became apparent that MATA needed the flexibility of its own aircraft and facility to fulfill its mission. Faith steps were taken to purchase a Cessna 150 as a primary trainer. As the need for a complex trainer for Commercial Pilot and Instrument Rating was also apparent, a Mooney M20C was procured for that purpose. The fleet has changed over the years as aircraft were bought, sold, and donated, but the Lord has been faithful and has kept us flying.

History of MATA – by Paul Nash (click here).