Flight Training

Our flight training is primarily given to those who desire to become missionary pilots or use their aviation training as part of a ministry. Since our program is supported by donors, we focus on training Christian men and women without competing with local flight schools; we do not focus our efforts on the public.

MATA trains under Part 61 of the FAR’s, allowing us to tailor a training program to fit your needs and time frame. If you have flight time under Part 141 or elsewhere, we can easily integrate that time to keep costs down and expedite the process. 

If you flew in the military, we can help you transition back into small airplanes, focusing on the basics of navigation and flight. Not many military aviators are used to landing on 25 ft wide, 1500 ft long grass runways in fixed-winged aircraft.

As with all flight schools in the USA, we must comply with TSA guidelines, and since 9/11/01, many new rules have been put in place. If you are not a US citizen, you must apply for a visa with the State Department, and then work with the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) before we can start any flight training. Because of all the requirements, we currently do not accept most foreign applicants. If you are in the US with a visa, you must comply with TSA regulations before we can start your training.