Alaska Mission Trips

Every summer MATA sends a plane and a few pilots to Alaska as part of our advanced training. We help support Kako Retreat Center, flying kids to and from the Bible camp, as well as serving other aviation needs for Kako. It has truly been an amazing experience for us and our students to serve the Lord with the tools of aviation, and to minister to remote villages where the only means of transportation are boats or airplanes. Every summer we average 200 flight hours, with hundreds of trips picking up kids, families, and cargo for the Bible camp. For many of the campers, it is the first time or only time they get to hear of the Gospel of Christ, and the love of God.

All our efforts are voluntary, so if you would like to help financially, please contact us. Each summer we expect a $10,000 expense for fuel, food and lodging, but what a return for such time and money when the Gospel is accepted in the hearts and lives of these kids.

Below are some pictures to help give you an idea of what the trip is all about. If you are a pilot, mechanic, or want to help in any other capacity, please contact us.